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DirecTV is a satellite service provider that operates in the USA and in Latin America and the Caribbean. Subscribers can watch hundreds of channels for a monthly fee, which starts at about $20 a month. DirecTV has its roots with Howard Hughes. After some business moves following Hughes’s death, Hughes Electrical Corporation was born. It eventually launched a satellite into space and DirecTv began operations in 1994. DirecTV is one of the leading pay television service providers in the USA. It offers a reliable signal to homes in all locations, from urban apartments to rural homesteads. Although its main competitor, Dish Network, may offer a lower package price to start with, DirecTV offers more value, giving more and better channels, and more HD channels. In fact, DirecTV offers more HD channels than any television provider. DirecTV’s latest DVR is called the Genie. The company says it’s the “most advanced HD DVR system ever.” It lets customers record up to five shows at once and has full HD DVR functionality on all televisions. There is a wireless variety, which may even let some people watch television outside if they want to. It can hold up to 200 hours of shows, it has picture-in-picture, and it has Genie Sports, which offers a variety of sports info on one screen. DirecTV has become the go-to option for sports lovers. It is the exclusive carrier of NFL Sunday Ticket, which lets subscribers watch all NFL Sunday out-of-market games. Other sports packages include MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, ESPN Full Court, and ESPN Game Plan. Still other packages are available for fans of tennis, golf, soccer, and international sports. The DirecTV Sports Pack includes about 35 24-hour sports channels. DirecTV offers other features that go beyond normal programming. One feature is TV Apps, which lets you use your TV for checking the weather, checking sports scores, and even logging into Facebook and Twitter. Mix channels are also an added bonus. These special channels include eight channels on one screen and are themed. For example, the Sportsmix channel lets you view eight different sporting events that are on, then go to the one that looks most interesting. DirecTV does have a couple downfalls. Like any satellite TV service, it has to be installed. This means you have to give up part of your day and wait for the professional to come along and install it. On the positive side, the installer is a professional, so this will only have to be done once per residence. The installer also usually gives instructions on how to use the remote and other features. Another negative about DirecTV is that sometimes the signal gets lost in severe weather. If you’re staying in during the thunderstorm and you just want to relax in front of the TV, that may not be possible. Severe weather will sometimes distort the picture or lose the signal altogether, even when the power hasn’t gone out. All in all, DirecTV is one of the best television service providers on the market. It utilizes modern technology and offers some of the best value for the money.
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