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Dish Network Review Dish Network started operating in 1996. Then, it was known as EchoStar, a company that started in about 1980. Since beginning operations, Dish Network has emerged as one of the most popular pay TV service providers. It was one of the first provider to offer HD channels, and it prided itself on getting lots of channels on one dish, something that was hard to do in the early days of satellite TV. These days, Dish Network offers multiple packages at competitive prices, and it utilizes some of the most advanced technology available. Below is a list of some of the good and some of the bad about Dish Network. Good: The Hopper Dish’s most advanced DVR option is the Hopper, which has the ability to record up to six HD channels, and it can connect to up to four TVs through mini receivers, which are called Joeys. The Hopper also has the largest hard drive in the industry, so you will be able to record your favorite shows and not run out of space. Dish offers more than just the Hopper, with a wide range of DVRs for HD and SD. Good: Available Everywhere and For All Dish is available in all 50 states, which is one of the benefits of satellite TV. It also offers pricing for all income levels. Prices range from $19.99 to $100 a month. The prices are some of the lowest in the industry. Bad: Fewer Channels While Dish starts at a lower price than its competitor, it also offers fewer channels, and fewer HD channels. In many ways, you get what you pay for. Still, it’s a good starter service and, for those who may not want a lot of channels, it could be the right option. Bad: Installation One of the downfalls of satellite TV is that new customers must give up half a day and wait for professional installation, or take a chance on installing themselves and doing it poorly. The good news is that installation usually comes at no extra cost, and it only needs to be done once. Conclusion Dish is a great choice for someone who wants to try satellite TV for the first time. It’s also a good option for the person or family that doesn’t care about HD channels or about getting the most channels for their money. It’s easy to get at any location and the signal is pretty reliable even in mild weather (in severe weather, the signal can get lost). It does offer one of the better DVRs on the market, and it has other DVRs if you don’t want the Hopper.
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